Saturday, December 26, 2009

::Life, Virtualized::

Life, Virtualized

Adorning Gizmo jackets,
through electric sockets
stands silver zombie men
beware-emotions forbidden,

In bytes, time is weighed,
Glorified virtual shade,
consciously shedding off,
Rusted touch of love.

Fake reality veils,
onset of unknown ails
Metallic charms wooed,
towards electronic solitude.

One should know what one's pripority is. Don't let the slave become the master.
Cheers!!! :)


  1. Adorning Gizmo jackets,
    through electric sockets

    electronic solitude

    Rusted touch of love

    - - great phrases

    happy new year !

  2. @Zoya
    thanks a lot :)
    wish you too a great year ahead :)

  3. Never let the slave the master!! gotcha

  4. really different in its concept and really liked the idea!!really well written and glad to find another poet!!keep writing.


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