Sunday, February 28, 2010



Frail womb of abandoned land,
yester's bloom sleeps on sand,

Spring smothered by concrete,
limp wings, desperately plead,

Summer steadily blaze,
dissolving winter's grace.

Form: Essence
The Essence, created by Emily Romano is a short, structured form of two-lines, six syllables each with an end rhyme and internal rhyme.

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  1. wow..its the first time ive read an 'essence'...really nice :3

  2. great form

    passionate poem with good flow and a wonderful choice of words

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  4. Dropped in from Ayu's blog. This is a really nice post. You describe a very grave situation.

    Frail womb and yester's bloom are very strong words indeed. If not taken care of now, there will be no offspring and there will be no tomorrow. I like the way you bring in the summer's blaze and the dissolving winter to add a lasting blow, the punch required to drive home the point. Really nice.

    I write at How I Wonder. Do visit me some time.



  5. wow what a beautiful blog, nice to meet you, thanks for popping over, loved your poem, great imagery and very good balance :)

  6. Stong emotions depicted inthe simple poem. Nice to share


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