Tuesday, April 20, 2010

::Of Spring and Awards::

I am back from vaccation. You can check the pictures in my other blog Destiny's child - Shillong Trip I and Shillong Trip II


Last Spring

Pink satin ribbons,
ribbons of yester's smile,
smile tightly embrace,
embrace me for a while.

While I walk along,
along the summer streets,
streets warm, still frozen,
frozen with memories.

Memories of spring,
springs up each day,
day and night have swapped,
swapped since you went away.

Form - Loop Poetry


While I was away, this space was bestowed with lovely awards from some amazing bloggers :)

The Most Disciplined Poet Awards
The Most Productive Poet
The Most Popular Poet Award

I also won the Celebrate Poet of March Runner up Award with 5 votes.

Thank you so much Jingle for all the adorable awards :) you are always so encouraging :)


William awarded me with Blogtastic Friends Award 2010. Thank you so much :) I feel so honoured to receive this award from you :)

Thank you everyone.


  1. and u deserve every one of them u are amazin xxx

  2. congrats for awards

    and the poem is nice..
    short and sweet

  3. Ah! Lovely experiment.

    Congratulations on receiving these lovely awards. The pictures you have posted are simply mind blowing. Awesome weather -- I am sure you enjoyed the vacation!

  4. thank you for accepting and posting them!

    you are well deserved!


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