Friday, May 14, 2010

::To Edward - with Love::

Anti Twilight People – please don’t be harsh ... my fragile heart will break :P

I remember how madly I was in love with Prince William ... yeah Princess Diana’s son... I even tore out the page from our school library’s magazine where a full page was featured on him {don’t give me that bad manners look – Love makes the world go round :P } ...Oh young love it was... and how much I cried when Mom threw away all my paper cuttings ... I even complained to God ... but guess God was too busy to be bothered by my silly tales...


It’s after a long time that I have become this crazy about a celebrity... a gorgeous creature called Robert Pattinson...He is celebrating his 24th birthday today ... and I dedicate this post to him...

I wasn’t a Cedric Digory Fan (In harry potter) ... But after I read the Twilight series ... I became hopelessly in love Edward – the vampire ... wishing each day for my Bike Rider to turn into one :P and then I saw him... perfectly enacting the role of Edward... his well chiselled features and deep blue eyes... and I knew I was in love again ... though I still don’t know whether it’s the Edward I love or Robert ...

Heart skips ...
knees go weak...
violins play ...
leaves rustle...
moonbeams leave
a starry trail...
Whenever I see him ...
because ...
Pyaar mei aisa hi hota hai ji 
Dil tou abb bhi bacha hai ji ...
{My heart is still a kid – never mind the translation :) }


  1. Ye koi lvoe me padne kli cheez hia ?? :O attitude to darne walaa lag raha hia :P :P

  2. Lol..dil toh bachcha hey ji..Robert toh achcha hey ji (for u) :P
    Happy Budday to him! :)

  3. honest and creative,
    thank you for sharing!
    happy Thursday!

  4. lol I am NOT in love with Prince William hehhe but Diana was lovely xxx

  5. Lovely and sensational I must say....

    Hoping you get your love in return!!!

    Thanks for viewing my new poem [This Blood I cry]


  6. this is so cute and endearing :) :)

  7. hey bella;)
    he is nice..!!but i dun like him:(

  8. i have a small gift for you in my blog. please collect it :)

    suryagni & mydomainpvt

  9. ooooooooooo my gf loves him...

  10. wow!!
    love finds its language./.

  11. Will it be rude if I say, I find 'your' Edward GAY? :-)


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