Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::A Glimpse Through My Eyes::

Another contest by Blog Adda - Travel Photos Contest , and this time I am making sure that there's an entry from my space too :D ... 
Enjoy ...

" ...Is this the paradise that you lost ... 
among concrete jungle and myriad of plastic flowers ??..."

(Banasura Sagar Hydel Tourism Center, Kerala)

Our team outing turned into an awesome treat, when we visited Wayanad (Kerela)... I felt like Alice in Beauty-Land ... maybe the gate of Paradise is located somewhere here ... Was amazed how the vegetation of Kerala and Assam is almost similar ... It was like Home away from home.

"... Highland lass , gently pluck...
delicate ...Two leaves and a bud.. "

[Tea Estate, in Mariani, Jorhat, Assam]

Sprawling tea estates... and Lovely ladies adorning colorful attire along with a bamboo Jaapi{hat}, plucking leaves in an animated rhythm of Rongali Bihu ... A scene you cannot miss in Assam ... the milieu literally dances to the song of spring... {Photo taken during visit to home in april}

"... Magnificent and untamed ... independent and fierce...
 do you now realize what you are missing in life !!! "

[Naukalikai Falls, Cherrapunji, Meghayala]

The seven sister falls, flowing unceasingly, through gaps and huddles... meeting the mighty river ... Who said world has become an ugly place to live in ... we have just forgot to live and appreciate ...

"... wearing different colors of unpredictable temperament ...
sometimes serene... sometimes ferocious ... sometimes just me !!!"

[Pasighat , Arunachal Pradesh]

I forgot to breath... 'cause that seemed so immaterial when you are confronted with such breathtaking beauty ... the past, present and future faded in background ... as I rejoiced each moment ...

"...Gushing with Eternal Life... vigorous and sparkling...
... As I live on the edge ..."

[Eco Park - Cherrapunji, Meghayala]

An exhilarating experience it was, to stand on top of the Waterfall, and watch water crash against the rocks below... a moment when I felt weak and artificial compared to this magnificent and powerful glory of nature.


  1. wow is the word for your photography..breathtaking..too too too good.. :) all the best :)

  2. i love waterfalls...
    i love waterfalls...
    !!i love waterfalls...
    !!i love waterfalls...

    :) waiting for rains!!!

    great pics...

  3. im comin over I love these pics u rock babe xxxxxxxxx

  4. beautiful shots... esp the last one...

  5. gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing them. :)

  6. Hi, beautiful pictures. Somehow, I love to see pictures where there is water :), but I liked all of them. Good luck.

  7. Fabulous images. What I loved is these are the places little known to me.
    All the best.

    My Travel Photos

  8. All the green is so soothing to the eyes. Good luck.

  9. Gr8 pics Rajlakshmi :) Gud luck for the contest :)

  10. perfect clicks !!
    nice waterfall images :D

  11. Woww.. breathtaking pics, esp the waterfalls.. there is so much to see in our own country!!! :)

    good luck

  12. neat portrayal .. all the best


    vote if not done so,
    or take the award...

  14. Happy Monday Ahead!
    yes, the views are paradise alike!

  15. very very creative!!! Fantastic the way you created a picture with your words, which has a meaning!!

  16. Great shots, thanks for sharing...

  17. Northern Kerala is something people have yet to see and experience.

  18. pictures of kerala always entice me since that is the only treat for my eyes, when going there doesn't seem a possibility being a delhi bre mallu.

    a mistake there, kerala is KERALA and not KERELA...


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