Thursday, June 10, 2010

::Thursday Poet's Rally:: Dancing on Horizon

Dancing on Horizon

I feel honoured to receive Perfect Poet for week 21 . Thank you so much :D

I would like to nominate Meghana (Megzone) ... Her experiments with different forms... her zeal to improve with each write ... her enthusiam and her support to the fellow poets ... it's really praise worthy :) so Meggie dear... this award is for you  :)


There are some more awards that Jingle had rewarded me :) Thanks again Ji for all the encouragement :) ...

Celebrate Bloggers of April

The Most Confident Poet Award

The most far-sighted poet Award

The Most Perfect Poet Award


  1. She's sexy Princess...super!! :P
    +1 to Neha's compliment!! :)

  2. cool words,
    delightful moods..
    thank you for sharing!

  3. wowo can even see the form - lots of effort to make it nice and it is!

  4. see now that was just wicked word and form...

  5. You are just awesome!

    beautiful poem, and its really awe inspiring how you fitted it in the shape.

    congratulations for the very well deserved awards.

    peace n happiness 4u4ever.

  6. Wonderful poem well done and congratulations on the award

  7. First, great nomination of Megzone!
    Your poem is both visually and lyrically amazing! Thanks

  8. this is a such a beautiful poem... i can feel each word... i can dance to that "exuberant song of life"... truly magnificent!

  9. Have fun today:

    keep two things in mind:

    #1: return favors to those who are here.

    #2: visit 18 poets from my list that are NEW to you.

    BEST of luck!
    I value your contribution!

  10. way COOL...
    you are truly gifted..
    mine is here
    Have you a rocking week!

  11. whatttaaa brilliant piece lady...
    yaarrr tu tho muje complex dene wali hai :(
    ekdum massstttt ayaa hai yaar :D

  12. so creative, an embroidery of words...well done....bkm

  13. so creative, an embroidery of words...well done....bkm

  14. That was great! Love how you made the shape appear.

  15. very very creative!!! Fantastic the way you created a picture with your words, which has a meaning!!

  16. Hi Rajlakshmi, this is the first time that I've encountered something called 'Shape Poetry'... this concept is amazing and novel. I've never tried something like this before. I am so glad that you visited my blog and gave me a chance to glimpse into your talents. A lot to learn from you. Cheers! Punam

  17. The poem, the shape it formed, the words..Ahhh...Loved it! :)


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