Thursday, July 29, 2010

::Perfect Muse::

Perfect Muse

Enthralling Gait
of wild summer winds
breezing through
hills yonder,
Glistening blades
amidst emerald meadows,
sprawled 'Neath
dawn-lit sky,
sun-kissed blossoms
in amber delight,
trickled drops
of pristine dew.

The sparkling colors of life
delicately painted
- an artist's perfect muse.

Submitting for One Shot Wednesday
Image source: Google


  1. Exqusite! I love the imagery you create.

  2. Couldn't agree more... those sparkling colors of life make an inspiring muse. Excellent lines. thanks for posting for 1 Shot, Rajlakshmi :)

  3. Beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Write Up :) :) Very Well Excellent Write Up Dear :) :)

  4. room potu yosipanga nu solvanga..athuku neenga than correct example!!

  5. Colourful vibrant poem. I do poetry for fun rather than publication so for this week only, I’ve nervously posted an example from each of my blogs: an Elegy from Scribbles and Diversions, a Gogyohka from Random Twitter Stories, and free verse poem from Random Short Stories

  6. like your sparkling colors of life

  7. wonderful. love the colors you paint with...mine would be vivid as well. smiles. thanks for linking up with one shot!

  8. i Enjoyed the colors you painted your poem vibrant and i agree with Brian,it is a wonderful piece..:)

  9. This is vibrant, your image compliments the poem magically!! Thanks so much for sharing ~ Amanda

  10. visuals to me spoke louder then words and then we try to express what we see and feel. What an awesome photograph and your words capture this exquisite moment in time perfectly. Magical moments penned in time ,well done.


  11. it couldn't have been any more perfect than this!
    Fantastic imagery and great wordplay make lovely poetry indeed!!
    Kudos Raji..

  12. Your words create such a beautiful picture. And I particularly like the rhythm of the poem. It begs to be read again and again. Nice.

  13. Lovely words lovely picture
    smiles from the moon

    thanks for joining us at One Shot Wed.


    awards are fun,
    viola lost her husband,
    I lost a general friend,
    all together,
    please visit and give love to them...

  15. Hi, been away for a week so am catching up with all the great posts on One Shot....

    loved it, the colours, the way you weaved the words, twas a beautiful poem and thanks for sharing with One Shot..cheers Pete


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