Monday, October 18, 2010

As the clouds pass by

As the clouds pass by
A thousand thoughts fly
across my convoluted mind

words unsaid,
emotions unexpressed,
whitewashed dreams,

forming familiar patterns
teaching another lesson ,
Time can heal life

They smile down at me,
the clouds that are passing by.


  1. that was an awsome poem dear xxxx

  2. inspiring poem... esp. this>>

    "teaching another lesson ,
    Time can heal life"

  3. Nice poem. Arent clouds a great inspiration? The shapes they assume..rather..make us assume, inspire so many lovely words...

  4. Whitewashed dreams.. hmm, like it.. you know.. when clouds pass by and leave a clear sky behind, all that is left is another new whiteboard where we have to form new dreams.

  5. Time does heal. An old saying, but you made it new again.


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