Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Weekend Reflection]::Pool in the Glass::

Birthdays are always special ...  each year I make sure it is spent that way :D
This photo was clicked at Fortune, a reflection of the refreshing pool. Gave my birthday treat here , maybe that's why my friends were quite patient with me as I clicked the windows one after the other, to get a perfect shot. :D

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  1. that pic is beautiful and i am glad that you had a beautiful birthday.

    may you have more and more beautiful ones each year. :)

  2. Oh it looks like a beautiful place! Hope you had a great day:)

  3. That is a reflection I'd like to dive into! :) A belated Happy Birthday to you!

  4. :)Happy birthday dear Princess !! :) that was a gud picture

  5. Hope your birthday day was full to the brim with delights. What a gorgeous pool - would love to be sitting there relaxing right about now :)

  6. Have a beautiful birthday

    maye all ur wishes come true :)


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