Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Dadhi (Beard) Man

Hello there. Presenting before you – one and only – The Dadhi (Beard) Man, whose facial hair is the inspiration behind this elaborate write.

(Dadhi means Beard in Hindi)

Featuring – Tarun Kinger as Dadhi Man, Anuradha Kumari as Lady Chudel, Ranjini as scared Cat and tadada… Sreeram’s beloved Sakhu Bai … (Yup these are my adorable friends ... and I am always picking on them :P)

So .... Are ….. you ………. ready!!!!!


Beware o kids beware,
here’s a tale of yore,
when dadhi man came knocking,
knocking on the door.

Spindly wirey hair,
sprouting neath his lips,
scared the fair maiden,
who tossed over the chips.

“Mi Lady Mi Lady
will ya let me stay?”
he asked in voice so hoarse,
that scared the cat away.

“The rain is brutal tonight
my hair is dreanched to core
look at my tangled mouche
falling on the floor”

Eeks screamed sakhu bai
“I’m not cleaning this mess
you baalo wala fella
better control your tress”

“I tried expensive gels
and what shall I say,
dubious marketting gimmick
turned my hair all grey”

“Listen hairy dude”,
Finally said the lady
“Your 10,000 BC look
is freakingly shady”


She gave a crooked smile
and lightening flashed
a creepy curse was whispered
Dadhi man turned into a rat.


Submitting for DVerse Poet Pub


  1. hahaha this is a trip...scared the cat away...oh it ok that i have a beard? i hope i dont get turned into a rat....

  2. HAHA! This is the kind of story which turned me into a young adult (like, age five?)

    GOOD short one, and I didn't have to think--just ENJOYED!

  3. Hilarious poem, but at the end I was like, "What? Rat?"
    But points for innovation! :D

  4. Oh it's a bit like beauty and the beast!

  5. Ha. i like Pealogic's post. Though beauty loved the beast and she didn't turn him into a rat.

    Love the poem though. I can sooo see the bearded man.

  6. Funny and Delightful. It was like a short story in poetry form-or was it poetry in short story form. Anyway, I love the ending. Great write!

  7. @Brian
    hahaha :D i hope not :D
    thanks a lot

    I am glad you enjoyed reading it :D thank you

    hahaha :D thanks a lot :D

  8. @Pealogic
    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting :)


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