Monday, February 17, 2014

Apartment To Let

Long have I refused
to renovate this apartment
the rusted parapet,
hold back memories
of damp solitude
escaping down
the never-ending stairs.

Today, for one last time,
I soak in those moments
of an almost forgotten yore,
the red brick walls plead

as I pull away
 tear stained curtains.

Tomorrow, these walls will
be painted white,
to start afresh,
as I will let in

a new tenant.



  1. I love the progression of time in your poem. It's really how our memory, addiction to old, unwillingness to change works...~ Enjoyed. ~ Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Flows like a river, this one .. Loved the twist in the end :)))

  3. written just perfectly, just beautifully bringing through all finer nuances in simple words!

  4. Ah new beginnings...I'm going through a white phase myself...

  5. ha. its cool...and i wonder if you are even talking about a building or if it is you that is getting the touch up...and letting another inside your heart....

  6. i love this...
    hold back memories of damp solitude...


  7. I love the renewing process in this poem. Great piece!

  8. So poignantly put! It's nice, the old freshen up - but sometimes it does tamper with memories! husband must have many fond memories.....I'm still waiting after 4 years for that lick of paint in the hall......and the toilet!


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