Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shape Poetry - Dream Weaver

Reminiscing  sorrows of yesteryear, 
is futile my dear, spread your wings,
 and soar without fear,
Those stony eyes would again stare,
 but in awe and reverence.
 Maybe their dispassionate heart, 
might stumble upon fortuitous love.
And they would too follow your dreams, 
chasing a distant star-trail, 
flowing through the seam
Blinded are thoughts,
 by norms of past, 
muffle their Insipid gossip,
For you have smiles to carve, 
hope to catch and memories to engrave,
Stay strong, my little  Dream weaver.

Poetry Form - Shape Poem

Dverse Poet
Prose for thought
Write Tribe Prompt 

“Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to see the whole picture, then put it together piece by piece!” This is my take on life.


  1. Your shape poem is amazing.I enjoyed the spirit of it very much.

  2. stay strong my little dreamer....made me smiles....and the concrete poetry, is so very cool....

  3. a beautiful take on the prompt :-)

  4. Wah!! What a creativity! Lovely work :)

  5. Great poem and fantastic way of presenting it. #Prose4T

  6. Fab! I love how it looks, it makes the message twice as powerful! I love the line 'chasing a distant star trail': I think we should all do that! #Prose4T

  7. Beautifully expressed and what fantastic presentation-wow!

  8. Terrific poem and I do like your take on life...:)

  9. amazing way of presenting,very beautiful poem. dxbnidblog

  10. The creativity of your post is amazing...lovely poem

  11. This is such a creative post ... Thanks for sharing...!

  12. That pic got me staring at it.... oh and good words there though I am not the best person to judge poetry you know...that's one area of writing I am still unable to master and i think i never will

  13. I love the premise of this....that we should chase our dreams no matter what others say.

  14. Now thats what i called Mastery. Astounding creativity and poem. Keep it up!!

  15. awesome creativity..!! wonderful poem...!

  16. creatively as good as the form. Quite a take. :)

  17. @Rallentanda
    Thanks a lot .. glad you enjoyed it :)

    hehehe glad it made you smile. Thank you :D

    @Sri Valli
    thank you so much. Glad you visited my blog

  18. @Morgan
    thank you so much

    thanks a lot :D

    thank you so much ... that's one of my fav line :D

  19. @Atreyee
    thank you so much for liking it

    Glad you liked it :D Thanks for visiting

    thank you so much :D keep visiting

  20. @sulekha
    aww thank you so much :D

    Thank you so much. :D

    thank you so for your wonderful words. I am pretty sure you will be able to write some cool poetry :D

  21. @Michelle
    indeed.. that's how one will succeed. Thank you so much :)

    awww thanks a lot girl :D your words made me smile

    {umm I don't knw what to call you so just Rat :)} Thank you so much :D

    Thank you so much :D

  22. Meaningful poem that reverbate through the soul. Btw, how do u come up with visual image of shape poetry>

  23. This is absolutely BRILLIANT. I love it :) Thank you so much for linking up to Prose for Thought - sorry I am late in commenting and I hope that you will be back to link up this week :) x


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