Thursday, April 24, 2014

U, yes U

Unfortunately I couldn't find any poetry type starting wih the Letter U ... So I am compensating by posting a poem about You, yes You... because you are a Diva

Poetry Type - Shape Poetry

::Don't Miss out on previous poetry types::

Day 1 - A for Acrostic                                        
Day 2 - B for Blitz   
Day 3 - C for CinqTroisDecaLaRhyme                    

Day 4 - D For Diamente  
Day 5 - E for Essence                                       
Day 6 - F for Florette 
Day 7 - G for Ghazal 
Day 8 - H for Haiku 
Day 9 - I for Inverted Refrain  
Day 10 - J for Joseph Star
Day 11 - K for Kyrielle 
Day 12 - L for Lanturne
Day 13 - M for Minute Poetry
Day 14 - N  for Nove Otto
Day 15 - O for Octelle
Day 16 - P for Palindrome
Day 17 - Q for Quatrain
Day 18 - R for Rictameter 
Day 19 - S for Shape Poetry
Day 20 - T for Trifall


  1. I agree with Nabanita, so creative and awesome...

  2. OK, that poem is just amazing! Please tell us how you created the shape and words within for a perfect metaphor poem.
    A-Z Blogger visiting

  3. Always original and great use of the visual with the words:)


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