Monday, April 28, 2014

X - Shape Poetry

Tried my best to find something on X for A to Z Challenge but nothing sensible came to my mind, so here it is a sort of calligrame/typography on the letter X

Racked my head to form a phrase, or even a sensible sentence,
 yet miserably I failed, to pen a poem with the letter X
X-hausted poor Google search, and thesaurus  of Oxford
Xenyl, xeric or xor, oh please please give me a word!!

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  1. Well now that's not an X-rated poem I am sure :P. Shrewd effort.


  2. Writing that in the form of X must have taken a whole lot of time! Not bad at all :)

  3. eXcellent effort, Rajlakshmi :) And quite a pretty picture you've painted there!

  4. Excellent, exceptional and extremely well done!

  5. That's really very creative :) kudos!

  6. WOW Raj! Applause! Thats commendable- its creatively super cool! Liked it! :)

  7. So well done and love it!! One has to applaud you for all your originality and excellence in this


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