Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y - Yuefu

Thanks to Alex Hurst, who introduced me to Yuefu, I read a lot of poems on Yue Fu and chinese poetry.

Here's an excerpt from Britanica

These poems were significant because they consisted of lines of varying lengths, some having a regular form of five syllables per line rather than the then-standard four-syllable line. The yuefu thus broke ground for the later classic gushi (“ancient-style poetry”), with its broader use of rhyme and fewer metrical restrictions.

I tried to pen a few but that didn't do justice to this form, so today I am just posting some of my favorite verses which I had written when I was feeling down.
What do you know of the pain in my heart
forbidden forever of frozen starts

Destiny sometimes carries a colossal empty cart
What do you know of the pain in my heart


In deepest abyss of celestial nothingness
where echoes back the humdrum dream

In vain I grasp a bunch of shadows
suspended between endless seams


Porcelain smile – please stay longer,
Walk with me , a little further,
Through this maze, a path I fought, 
But still lonely in a crowd!!!

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  1. How beautiful and, again, stunning! One often finds so much beauty when one's heart hurts

  2. Just love the last verse.. beautiful.

  3. I agree with Nisha, the last verse is really very beautiful.

  4. Very nice and how would I announce it to the world if I try? Yoo hoooo !!!



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