Monday, January 19, 2015

Once laughter echoed in our lives

Once laughter echoed in our lives,
now frozen in memories of yore,
when you swayed with the breeze,
while kisses lingered in the air.

Oh I was no dancer dear,
on your feet, I would step often,
yet, you let me take your hand,
and swirl you to sweet songs olden.

Into pieces, though my heart breaks,
looking at your forlorn eyes,
not a glimmer of recognition,
or hint of your electric smile.

But my darling I'll hold you tight,
and remind you of those moments far,
how I swirled you to songs olden,
when laughter echoed in our lives.

I am extremely thankful to Magpie Tales for the picture prompts, because that's what keeping this blog running :) They are my muse :)


  1. That was just beautiful rajlakshmi. You should write more often.

  2. This is so achingly beautiful. I think of an older couple where he cares for his wife who has dementia. It is sweet and sad

  3. Lovely! I could see it all play out in my mind.

  4. The notebook is such a good movie... And this is a good poem

  5. The inner dancers married to the outer ....excellent

  6. How well you write of such a cruel illness. The pain felt when a loved one no longer recognizes is the worst thing in the world but the memories have to be treasured.

  7. what a lovely poem- a man caring for his beloved through sickness and good health.

  8. Lovely verse! :)
    Enjoyed reading it :)

  9. Last verse just takes your breath away. Beautiful.


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