Sunday, November 22, 2015

Three Favourite Words

It was supposed to be fun Friday, yet I was working late,
temperature soaring high, such terrible was my state,
Sun was beyond horizon, and few stars were out too,
I stared at the exceptions, that Java abruptly threw.

Cleaners were long gone, errie was the milieu,
was that a random shadow, peeking from the loo,
Ok that's enough, it was time to call it a day,
I would sure hallucinate, if more longer I stayed.

Caught a train back home, standing on the aisle,
crawled a flight of stairs, dragging my tired profile,
the husband opened the door, even before I was steady,
and uttered my favourite words, "Honey, Dinner's Ready"


  1. Wonderful thoughts and photos. Greetings!

  2. LOL, Those three words are definitely better than 'I Love You'.

  3. haha...Yes, these could be my favourite words..Any time of any day, just replace dinner with lunch and breakfast at the appropriate occasions :D

  4. Lol.. seriously after a tiring day those are the three words one would like to hear.

  5. Puh! Great - love the poetry and flow in it, and the ending.... so sweet:-) Sending hugs


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