Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Thursday Poet's Rally]::Forgotten Memories::

I seem to be obsessed with shape poetries... here's another one for Jingle's Thursday Poet's Rally Week 11 ... Do check out.. If you want to take part, just leave a comment at Jingle's blog.

Do let me know your views :) Did some experiment with Shape Poetry Form :)

Jingle also nominated me for Week 10 Perfect Poet Award. Thank you so much :) I feel so honoured.

I would like to nominate the very talented William for his awesome and expressive writes :)

Golden beams
embrace amber tips


  1. that's very extraordinary post!
    I am delighted and excited!
    Happy Thursday!

    as always, visit around 6 poets that are new to you,
    and 6 poets in fresh poets list,
    have fun!

  2. awesome yaar......
    i truly wonder how u manage all of it :(
    shyaaa... ur poetries put mine to shame :cry:

  3. Wow!
    That is awesome!
    I was back in time trying to remember the rhymes that made our life then...

  4. "Whoa"!!! I like!!! "Beautiful" And "Congratulations" on your beautiful award.Thanks for your visit and do have a wonderful day :)

  5. how delightful! this is absolutely awesome!


  6. WOW, this has got to be the best styled poem I have EVER read and seen, u talented clever lady, and AWE thanks a million for the nomination, u have made my YEAR xxx

  7. and smile i did as well...extraordinary! amazing both in verse and creativity...

  8. this is awesome~!!! :D

    visit my blog if you have time :3

  9. Exquisite! Nice experiment and a real good one at that. Loved the message.

  10. Love the shape poem. How cool!

  11. I am sooo happy to come visit you and see your very talented work! Have fun being creative and never forget to smile! :)

  12. i dont think it is just and experiment ...its really good finished product...keep it up

  13. Love the picture and the poem as well. I've also been experimenting with shape poetry, but I like how you actually added a picture as the background. If you want you can check mine out here:


  14. congratulations on the award! judging by your wonderful writing, you certainly deserved it : )

    thank you for stopping by my site, and i'm so glad that you enjoyed my writing as much as i enjoy yours!

  15. that was awesome..

  16. Hi there!

    Just came upon your blog from jingle's blog..It was amazing really, the way u have written that poem..shape poetry is cool :)

    also, would like to invite you to visit my blog

    ur opinion wld be invaluable!Tx.


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