Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday Poet's Rally :: A Dream Sleeps::

A Dream Sleeps

Under wreaths of heaven blue
a dream sleeps in whisper,
on canvas of melancholia.
Crashing against the coarse shore,
thousand hues of horizon
diffuse into timeless wait,

A moon-dust sprinkled silhouette
walks along pragmatic corridors
towards eternal solitude,

...and beyond.

Miscarriaged Chimera.

Was nominated for Perfect Poet award Week 19 by Megz at Jingle's Thursday Poet's Rally

unfolds here, funny bites too
Enjoy Poet's Rally

I would like to nominate Jingle ... for writing lovely poems and taking so much effort to make this rally a success :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

::NaiSaiku Challenge::Autumn has Arrived

Autumn has arrived

Leaves float gently down
As the bare tree stands alone
As the bare tree stands alone
Leaves float gently down

Picture courtesy - Google

Written for NaiSaiku Challenge. For more info click here

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Poet's Rally Week 19::Dying Nation::

Here's my Entry for Jingle's Thursday Poet's Rally week 19 ... I wrote this long time back :)

Dying Nation

Anguished, frustrated
Cowering Inside,
Trapped in cobweb
Nation's life.

Disentangle, escape
Tightening grip,
Handcuffed by
Society's whip.

Hypocrats, Scandals
Stymieing progress,
Repressed opinion
Honesty undressed.

Bomb-Blast, massacres
Breaking events,
Delighted vultures
Hunger content.

I would also like to accept the following poetry awards for participating in Week 18 ... thank you so much Jingle :)
The Most Intelligent Poet Award

The Most Open Minded Poet Award

The Most honest Poet award

Friday, May 14, 2010

::To Edward - with Love::

Anti Twilight People – please don’t be harsh ... my fragile heart will break :P

I remember how madly I was in love with Prince William ... yeah Princess Diana’s son... I even tore out the page from our school library’s magazine where a full page was featured on him {don’t give me that bad manners look – Love makes the world go round :P } ...Oh young love it was... and how much I cried when Mom threw away all my paper cuttings ... I even complained to God ... but guess God was too busy to be bothered by my silly tales...


It’s after a long time that I have become this crazy about a celebrity... a gorgeous creature called Robert Pattinson...He is celebrating his 24th birthday today ... and I dedicate this post to him...

I wasn’t a Cedric Digory Fan (In harry potter) ... But after I read the Twilight series ... I became hopelessly in love Edward – the vampire ... wishing each day for my Bike Rider to turn into one :P and then I saw him... perfectly enacting the role of Edward... his well chiselled features and deep blue eyes... and I knew I was in love again ... though I still don’t know whether it’s the Edward I love or Robert ...

Heart skips ...
knees go weak...
violins play ...
leaves rustle...
moonbeams leave
a starry trail...
Whenever I see him ...
because ...
Pyaar mei aisa hi hota hai ji 
Dil tou abb bhi bacha hai ji ...
{My heart is still a kid – never mind the translation :) }

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Poet's Rally Week 18 ::Whispers of a Dream::

My entry for Thursday Poet's Rally week 18. Wrote this for a challenge given by a fellow blogger.

Whispers of a Dream

Sensuous zephyr blithely embrace,
enthralling memories wrapped in lace,
gently whispering a lovebird's songs,
glimmer reflections of bygone,

Embroidering dreams under starlit night,
with passionate breath and blossoms white,
butterfly kisses caress clueless heart
desires reignite when you are apart.


Jingle had nominated me for Week 17 Perfect Poet Award :) Thank you so much Jingle for the honour :)

" Verses on paper
Words say a story untold
beating in my heart "

I nominate Ediomo Udofia :)


I take this oppurtunity to accept three more awards from Jingle and one from Dudo

Mind Blowing Award

Simply Special 2 Be Your Friend Award

Spread your wings


Will present these awards to other bloggers soon :)
Thanks again Jingle :)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

::NaiSaiku:: Behold, the Beauty

Written for NaiSaiku Challenge... For more you can check here...

Twirled a Golden leaf
Cascading down autumn's sleeves
Cascading down autumn's sleeves
Twirled a Golden leaf

Image source-google

Friday, May 7, 2010

::Thursday Poets Rally Week 17:: Toadie, the Toad

Tried to write something different just for fun ...
For Jingle's Thursday Poet's Rally Week 17

{Don't throw stones at me after reading this :D}

Toadie, the toad planed to woo,
Lovely Froggie of Lake Mishoo,
with Mushroom cap and grassy shoe,
and lessons to change, croak to coo.

Next morn, he jumped with glee,
gizmo watch and weed-stripped tee
gathering petals from Miss Lily,
strutting towards his destiny,

flick of tongue, click of heel
her doe-eyes, many hearts it grilled
watching her dressed in purple peel
Todie's pulse went off the reel,

gaining courage blurred Toadie,
Oh lovely, Will you love me ?
battering eyelids smiled froggie
"waiting only for you Dearie "


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NaiSaiKu Challenge ::Down by Writer's block::

After a long time taking up the NaiSaiKu Challenge... you are never late to take one. For more info check here NaiSaiku Challenge

Diluted letters
Smudged words of a blank concept
Smudged words of a blank concept
Diluted letters

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Microfiction Monday:Cheering me??::

I have been reading Microfiction Monday for a long time, and this is the first time I am writing one :) I hope I got it correct :)


"Hey, that blond girl has been cheering our act. Seems she's really impressed with me"
"ahem... That's my sister dude"


123 characters by character count

For more information you can check Susan's blog.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

::Raining Awards again::

Its raining Awards again. Thank you all the beautiful people out there for showing so much kindness and encouragement on my blogs.

Jingle has bestowed on me a number of lovely colorful awards. You too can participate in her thurday Poet's rally... just leave a comment in her blog :)

The Most Influential Poet Award

The Most Important Poet Award

The Most Supportive Poet Award

Some more awards .... I would like all my readers and commenters to accept the following two awards award :)

Best Friends Forever Award                                               Love is Precious Award

The following Family awards I got in Family Friday Post by Jingle

Family is important award                                            The most intelligent fairy award

You made my day award                                                 You make my blog smile award

Lovely Shakira had gifted me with these awards.

Especially for you                                                                    Friendship Award

Big Heart Award

Spring Awards by Shakira 


The following awards were gifted to me by Meghana -  the awesome chulbully poet

You are so special award                                                       Hot Blog Awards

Your blog rock awards by Sharmista

Thank you everyone :)

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