Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Microfiction Monday:Cheering me??::

I have been reading Microfiction Monday for a long time, and this is the first time I am writing one :) I hope I got it correct :)


"Hey, that blond girl has been cheering our act. Seems she's really impressed with me"
"ahem... That's my sister dude"


123 characters by character count

For more information you can check Susan's blog.


  1. nice,
    I am glad you joined in...
    make sure to comment for all participants...
    have fun!

  2. Cute--loyal sis is cheering for her bro, unbeknownst to his fellow actor. Clever caption! Have a wonderful week.

  3. oops! The link in Mr Linky was wrong but right in Susan's comments box. You should have been directed to My Monday's Twitter.

  4. Welcome aboard! You got it exactly right! An especially impressive first time out!

  5. Welcome to our family. We're always happy to read your posts, so hope you like joining us and stick around awhile.
    I had two boys and one girl,so the boys friends were always interested in their sister.
    So this made me chuckle, thinking back to that time.

  6. Possible conflict coming there :-)
    Nicely done.

  7. Sounds like an uncomfortable situation, maybe even more than a man wearing a skirt!

  8. So true for the ego-inflated.

    And, yes, you got it right on your first try!

  9. A Friend's Sister's Pity, Nice one. Welcome to MfM.

  10. who knows, they may be both right!
    love your take, and welcome!

  11. Welcome to the fun and the family! And a great take on today's pic! Have a fun week!


  12. I laughed out loud -- what a reality check, the poor guy!

    But what a sweet sister, cheering them on. I love it - and I'm so glad you joined in!

  13. Hey, isn't that what brothers are for...having decent looking friends?

    Then again I was the oldest, so Bro's friends were mere..children. ;)

  14. simply awesome. it happens sometimes in real life too :)

  15. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/sunday-special-awards-for-remarkable-memes-and-participants/

    Meme participation award
    Happy Sunday!


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