Wednesday, July 14, 2010

::I am not::

I am Not

No, I am not a Princess
of glittering castle
waiting for love's
true embrace,

Neither you the Prince
on white horse
to forever stand
with fingers entwined

Then why I still hope
 a happily ever after
for a story, that
isn't even a Fairy tale.


  1. That is by far the most realistic fairy tale I have ever seen. Bare truth is how it should be. And that is what it is.

  2. May be, coz reality is more interesting than fairy-tales...fairy-tales are all the same.

  3. hm...cute reality:)


    the deadline to vote for poets is Sunday...
    one last chance,
    you gain one vote for yourself when you vote 4 others,
    simply reminder, ignore if you dislike it.

  5. perfectly said...
    in any context...

  6. nice style, I like that, nice poem.

  7. Raj,

    you can not do both meme at the same poem,
    please post a different poem for poets Rally,

    see agreement here,
    sorry that I could NOT link you in until you make corrections.

  8. this was a good poem, asking an equally good question!

    keep blogging!


  9. well said.
    love the princess image,
    super cute.
    Thanks for linking.

  10. Awww... but life is never a fairytale! Yet, those prices and princesses do exist in us... Or so I would like to believe :)

    Loved this poem! Sometimes, we really try to convince ourselves of the harsh realities of life! And this has been expressed very well in this poem..
    Thank you so much for sharing it with poetry potluck! It is a delight to have you here...


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