Friday, October 29, 2010

::As the clouds pass by - Revised::

As the clouds pass by
thousand thoughts fly,
painting silver memories,

of unstated words and
passion suppressed,
behind the walls of
whitewashed dreams,

Whispering a secret,
caressing my soul again
the clouds pass by.

-Time can heal life-

** Revised version of - As the clouds pass by

Photo- clicked at Chennai - from my office using my cell phone

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

::While my guitar gently weeps::

Memories of yesterdays,
whisper softly,
tingling like a
waft of familiar fragrance
lost in timeless space.

The songs we composed
for long winding road
remained unsung,
-smeared -
on lifeless paper.

The solitary night
stitches notes from
-scattered rhymes-
playing the missing song.

While my guitar gently weeps.

* wrote the poem for a title contest, the title is from one of Beatles songs.
* image courtesy - Google

Monday, October 18, 2010

As the clouds pass by

As the clouds pass by
A thousand thoughts fly
across my convoluted mind

words unsaid,
emotions unexpressed,
whitewashed dreams,

forming familiar patterns
teaching another lesson ,
Time can heal life

They smile down at me,
the clouds that are passing by.

Monday, October 4, 2010



In tumultuous times,
of cruelty and oppression,
she rose above the
slaved crowd,
through lashes and
stones of hatred,
by so called
guardians of faith,
she succumbed to gashes,
by society's whip,

What right they have
to rewrite their lives
or bind them through
blinded beliefs.
Or clip their wings
before they unfurl.

I was reviewing A thousand Splendid suns , when the above thoughts came to my mind. Its a haunting tale of two women struggling and battling with life, in the pitiful state of Afghanistan.

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