Wednesday, June 1, 2011

::Serenity Reigns::

Clicked at Shillong (Meghalaya, India)- Umiam Lake or Barapani Lake

During my 3-day outing in Shillong last year , I visited Umiam lake... An abode of clouds, you can view Nature in it's purest form. Breathtaking locales and waterfalls, mountains and unbelievably pleasant weather - a perfect place for vacation.

Submitting for Watery Wednesday


A call of Blue mountains
echoing in the valley, peaceful,
like an embrace of the rain,
gentle breeze blowing across
an abode of clouds,
ruffling Teaks, kissing velvet moss.

Serenity Reigns.


  1. wow! how pleasant the environment you have put forth...Excellent dear..

  2. This is a beautiful spot -- very serene. I could certainly enjoy an outing there. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. such a serene view :) thanks for visiting :)

  4. This poem gives me such a sense of peace. I really want to go outside now I might take my daughter to the park today

  5. there is indeed much serenity in this. lovely imagery.


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