Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lento :: Morn::

Night fades away as the sun rides in
kites adorn the early morn sky
flight of birds would soon ensue
bright butterflies flutter by

benign blossoms smile wide
sign of shadows blow away
pine trees sway with cool zephyr
bovine excited run astray

Poetry Form - Lento (Source - ShadowPoetry)

A poetic form created by Lencio Dominic Rodrigues, the Lento is named after it's creator, taken from his first name Lencio and rhymed to Cento, an existing form of poetry.

A Lento consists of two quatrains with a fixed rhyme scheme of abcb, defe as the second and forth lines of each stanza must rhyme. To take it a step further, but not required, try rhyming the first and third lines as well as the second and forth lines of each stanza in this rhyming pattern: abab, cdcd. The fun part of this poem is thrown in here as all the FIRST words of each verse should rhyme. There is no fixed syllable structure to the Lento, but keeping a good, flowing rhythm is recommended.

For an added challenge, one may write a four-verse Lento and call it a Double Lento, or a six-versed Lento to become a Triple Lento.

Prose for thought

Friday, March 21, 2014

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal - Poetry Galore

Before registering my Poetry Blog, I had already entered my Personal (Destiny's Child) and Photography (Oh Snap) blog for April A to Z Challenge 2014 (signup here)

Yes, I was quite apprehensive and maybe setting a goal too high for myself, but as I have said before, blame it on the caffeine, I decided what the heck... lets go full throttle.

So here I am revealing the Theme for my Poetry Blog -

A-Z Poetry Types

Words would flow A to Z
All's been done, all's been said
26 days of verses rhythemic
starting with A, for an Acrostic

I have exhausted my Google search but couldn't find any poetry type starting with Letter X or Y. These two really boggled me. Darn!!

If anyone know's Poetry type starting with the two letters please help me out. I might even write a poem on your graciousness :D

Else left with no option, I might just {pssssttt} cheat on X and Y .... :P

Hope to see you all in April for a month of intense Blogging :)

Don't forget to visit the Theme Reveal on Destiny's Child and Oh Snap  

To know more about Blog Reveal and A to Z challenge, please read Vidya Sury's post

Thursday, March 20, 2014


image - Google

Snowy pristine wings of flight
    Amber Eyes - curious and deep
    in the realm of wizards and witch
    lived an owl named Hedwig

    Owned by "The boy who lived"
    fighting monsters and evil,
    Hedwig soared along with him
    to defeat the nascent devil.
    Be it behind Ford Angelina,
    Or delivering messages to Dear ,
    a toad in it's copper beak
    and pecking Harry's ear,
    But one fateful darkest night
    in the Battle of Seven Potters
    it died a heartbreaking death

    a killing curse by Death Eaters

Poetry Jam - The prompt at Poetry Jam is Owl, and the first name that came to my mind was Hedwig :) the gorgeous Snowy Owl from Harry Potter series :D

Linking to Prose for Thought as well

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fate of a Girl

The prompt Magpie Tales is a tough one this time. Took me a while to come up with a concept. 
Here it is.

They all gathered that night,
to decide the fate of a girl
born to an unholy mother
and father drowned in

They whispered, argued,sympathised,
racking their old posh mindset,
sipping malt and 
slices of cheese,
they all gathered that night.

Feast was laid for the matrons, 
Juicy turkey fillet
with whiskey and red wine.
And soon they forgot
They had gathered,
to decide the fate of a girl.

She looked on, the little girl,
hunched near corner pillar,
With broken heart and 
scares unattented,
by all those who had
gathered that night.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Aroma of fried garlic 
Dash of ginger too
Marinated chicken breast
Crisp and oven baked
Grumbling stomach waits
Dipped in sauce

Poetry Form - Epulaeryu

I wrote this for Poetry Jam where the prompt is to write about a culinary delight. 

Epulaeryu is a poem about food, where the syllable count is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. You can write this poem with or without any rhyme scheme. The last line has 1 syllable and ends with an exclamation mark depicting the excitement of the writer. Each line in Epulaeryu is about the food - the main course. The Epulaeryu poem was developed by Joseph Spence, Sr.

Linking to Prose for Thought as well

Hope you enjoyed reading the poem :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cobwebbed Memories

Cobwebbed memories
slowly peel off from old walls
long since you had left

the couch witnessed
your blatant betrayal, tear-
stained curtains wiped pain

Like that broken lamp
I hung there hoping that you
Would fix it one day.

Haikus for magpie tales photo prompt

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thus Spake the Quill

Written for Dverse Poet Prompt - To write a poem that is influenced by ceRtain times in your life that made you the poet you are today. I am writing about the days when I was sad and lonely and away from home, it's during that time when I found solace in words. 

Through cobwebs of memory yonder,
hovering down the insipid time,
gloom loomed and I used to wonder
might I find peace in these Rhymes?
Then my quill inked, words so tender
evoking unknown dreams sublime.

Often I stare, beyond Orion far,
nurturing a fond solitude, 
grasping for trails of star,
grounded by yester's magnitude,
Dances my muse, now on stiched scar,
steadily on parchment, words commute.


And with this I tried another poetry form. 

Poetry Type - Harrisham Rhyme, created by the female poet, Harrisham Minhas, belonging to the State of Punjab in India, of a six-line rhyming stanza. In this form, the last alphabet of the first word of each line is the first alphabet of the first word of next line.
There is no restriction on the starting alphabet of the first line.

Rhyming scheme : ababab.

I wrote a Double Harrisham Rhyme since one stanza wasn't enough to contain my thoughts 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sun-tan Dreams

Beneath the midnight blue,
on sandy shores I sleep,
where lions assault for free,
and lambs silently weep,

Caged and sun-tan dreams,
fuel an incessant fear,
wrapped in stripped Kaftan,
a fruitless desire sear,

to hug those stranded moments,
left on fate's mercy,
a lesson life teaches well
is - smiles don't come easy.

And one day my mandolin,
will play a tune so strong,
your heart might break with joy,
subliming all that's wrong.

Dverse poet

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