Saturday, June 28, 2014

Love at First Punch !! - Concluding part

 “Naah!! Didn’t they say she was... ummm ...homely.” Avinash looked on while she virtually kicked her opponent. 

“What are the chances!!”, he whispered. Being the leader of his video game team, back in the US, the thought of getting beaten by a girl sent shivers down his spine.  

“No no no... I can’t marry her! she would beat me in every single match.”

He started pitying the dark haired skinny boy who was being ruthlessly thrashed in front of his friends.  “Whatever did he do to deserve her wrath?” 

“How’s that for a girl huh!! Loser”, she screamed as she punched the
character to ground. It was that very moment Avinash realized that he was falling in love with this vivacious girl who could slam even better than him.

He shuddered at the thought of his Mom meeting her, and was pretty sure, if Avni finds out that this was just a courtesy visit, he might end up with a broken nose, or more. He had half a mind to turn and go back, but then the fragments of last meet, with one of his mom’s choices, came to his mind.

She was tall, pretty and sophisticated. When he asked her what she likes doing the most, she went into thinking mode, for about 10 minutes. And after lot of brainstorming she said,”Sleeping” and then added “cooking too. 

“Well, if I have to marry a stranger”, he thought, “why not someone who could join my Halo* team.

Along with the crowd, he too watched, anticipating the outcome. The boy was trying his best to resist her hits, but the masterful strikes that she hauled on him were too much to handle. Finally, she took the sword and sliced him into two, killing the character.

The boy slammed the console on the desk. She looked straight at him and with a mischievous glint her eyes, said loud and clear,”Valar Morghulis*”.

Can she be any more cool !!”, he smiled, ”She quotes Game of Thrones!!

Avinash had made up his mind; it was to sweep the girl off her feet.

Avani stood up and then quickly checked the time. Hastily she straightened her dress, realizing that she was here to meet, not kill someone.

The beautiful curls in her hair, that her sister had so painstakingly ironed, were all frizzy and undone. In quick strokes, Avni smoothed her hair, praying that her Medusa lookalike locks won’t be a distraction.

While she was still wondering, Avinash walked up to her.

Hey”, he said, taking the console, “Care for another game.

She looked up, a little startled and then she smiled.


They say love makes the way go round. For Avni and Avinash, this was definitely the case. She hammered him in their first game, mostly because he was busy looking at her. But it took more that just video game skills to butter up his mother.

Aninash could only smile when Avni's father took him to a corner and asked him, in all the seriousness, "I hope you know what you are getting into Son. My daughter is quite ... umm unusual"

Avinash knew that this pesky little alien was a perfect match to his stubborn self.


The End.

*Valar Morghulis translates to "All men must die"
*Halo - science fiction video game 

Phew!! this is the first time I have written a long story. I am not very good at stretching a plot, it was all I could weave :) Hope you liked it. I would love to hear your views. Love, suggestion, brickbats - everything's welcome.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Love at first punch! - Part II

This was Avinash’s first visit to India in 15 months and he was already longing to go back. The continuous badgering about bride and marriage, both by his parents and relatives, irritated him to no end. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get married and share his life with a lovely wife, but this ridiculous charade of looking at pictures and meeting girls was getting on his nerves.

Secretly, he had always fancied love marriages, the one with lot of drama, where he is supposed to charm the girl and her parents. But unfortunately, love didn’t find its way into Avinash’s life. He envied his best friend’s story, who eloped with his girlfriend to US and then invited their parents for the wedding. That’s a rocking love story. 

"What will I tell my kids", he would often think,"that I saw your Mom in the living room and fell in love when she served me tea and Samosa. Gah!"

“I don’t like this girl”, he heard his Mom telling his Dad. “Look at her eyes, she has a rebellious streak I am telling you!!
“Just like your son”, his Dad promptly replied.
They were talking about Avani, the girl he picked to meet today.

He had seen Avani’s photo just once and chose her, only because his Mom was forcing him to select the other girl.

“I am thinking of refusing this match Avi, but since the meeting is fixed, you can go for courtesy sake.” 

His mom then went on to examine a pile of photographs laid on the table, the sight of which irked Avinash even more.

His mom believed that a nice cultured girl would make a good bride. Is that what he wanted too? He didn’t know, although, he was pretty interested in meeting the girl who picks Sports-Center as the first meet up point. 

After checking himself in the mirror for the tenth time, he left home and drove towards the mall. He parked his car in the basement, took a deep breath and walked inside.

The place was crowded, with young and old. There were still five minutes left, so he roamed around a little, watching people play.

“Die, die, die, die”, he heard a girl screaming her lungs out and turned to see a young crowd gathered around video game machines, watching a petite girl playing against a dark haired skinny boy.

He walked towards the game-zone, watching her aggressively press buttons on the console. It was then he realized the familiarity of her face.

The fierce expression that she wore was very intimidating, completely unlike the calm demeanour of the face in the picture.

“God no... this couldn’t be her. Mom will never ever like her.” 

to be continued ....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Love at first punch! - Part 1

Is that all you are going to wear, Asha Bua’s judgemental voice echoed across the hall. Avani was teetering on the threshold of an outburst. Her ears were itching due to metal earrings, the neckpiece around her neck felt like a noose but she was relieved that her mom didn’t force her into that ridiculously heavy Anarkali dress.  She wore a short maroon colored kurta and skinny jeans. 

For god’s sake Di wear some heels and not your converse shoes, her little sister was just as impatient as she was.

This whole drama about meeting the prospective groom was driving her nuts. And to top it all, Asha Bua had dropped in to snoop around and later on gossip about the little tidbits.

Why the bhloody guy had to pick me and not Sweta, Avani muttered under her breath. Asha Bua couldn’t acknowledge the fact that “Rowdy” Avani was selected by the guy’s family and not her adorable shy daughter Sweta. Infact, everyone in the Singhal household were surprised, including Avani herself. 

Avani wasn’t a tomboy, but she wasn’t the typical girly girl either. She hated taking elaborate measures to dress up but was the fashion consultant of her friends. She would paint her nails and play videos games with as much passion and fury. She was bossy, short tempered and her colleagues would often forget that she is a girl. And yet she was obedient enough to meet an unknown guy to please her mom.

So where are they meeting, Taj or Leela, Bua asked Avani’s father.
Amoeba Sports Center, he said.
What!!! A sports Center!! Whose bizarre idea was that?
Well, Avani decided to meet him there
Bua slapped her forehead with her palm. tsk tsk, Is that how you have raised your daughter? She now dictates these things!!

Avani’s father didn’t answer. He was proud of his daughter’s achievements, but sometimes he too doubted if his super-smart Brown belt daughter would ever find a groom.

Don’t you start playing video games there!. He warned Avani.
Hey stop scratching your neck, her mom shook her head and arranged the neck-piece.
Di please, don’t punch him if he expects you to cook or clean. Just smile ok. Avani’s sister was more worried about the welfare of the guy.

The meeting was fixed at 5pm and there was still half an hour left, but as the suggestions started pouring in, Avani decided to leave before she lost her cool.

You are leaving so early, wouldn’t that look desperate”, Bua smugly pointed out. Avani was about to snap back, but her Dad sensed the tension. He hastily took her hand and walked her out, Go,go, All the best. He said with a smile.

Ten minutes later, Avani arrived at the sports center. The familiar cacophony of people shouting and screaming, the electronic buzz of video games and fall of bowling pins made her feel comfortable. She would rather talk while playing a game of 10 point bowling with the guy than sit in a quiet restaurant and stare at her fingers.

What was his name again!! Avinash”.

She glanced over the video-game area and then checked the time.
There’s still 15 minutes left, she thought,I could play a game”.

All the seats were filled, but a couple of guys were just sitting there, cheering their friends. She went up to them and asked, Do you mind if I use this machine?

The guy looked at her. Really!! You gonna play THIS game!!. His condescending tone wasn’t doing any good to Avani’s mood.
What exactly do you mean!
I mean – you are a girl!!. He said with a smirk.

That was it. Avani took the console from the desk, glared at the dark haired skinny boy, Let me kick your sorry a$$!!”. The boy’s partner immediately stood up and Avani took his place.

To be continued!!
Stay tuned for more.... 
Image - Made by me in MSPaint

Second part is here - Love at First Punch Part II

Monday, June 9, 2014

Stuck on repeat

Afar climbs down the gold-coated sunbeam, 
 Skyscrapers reaching psychedelic dreams, 
 Time stood still, with me, at the quay, 
Watching the green ferry slowly sail away.

 Clicked at Cockatoo Island

And never to return from your dreamland,
Glamour snatched your heart, I understand,
But why do still these memories clench,
while dewdrops form on an empty park bench,
I would stop playing your promises sweet,
If only the cassette was not stuck on repeat.

Friday, June 6, 2014

No, Thank You

 I fell in love with this quote of Dr Mary Angelou, as soon as I read it -  

"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass."

And that's what inspired me to write this poem :)

Watching through murky shadows, praising esteemed stereotype,
casting frowns at your dreams, crinkled views would slowly wipe,
Does hope ride on a sunrise, soon at dusk you might wonder?
Can it power your resolve, to catch those dreams, now yonder!

Let them never tie you down, for your heart is born to fly,
stack up smiles, spread wings and soar across vanilla sky,
your voice can empower, sing sweet lullabies too,
march through snowstorm, sail over oceans blue,

this world would often attempt, to pass on an old Taboo,
flash the brightest smile and say, "No, Thank you"

 Image Courtesy - Google

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