Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lanky Jim

Jim is a young lanky lad, who works at the local brasserie,
his lovelorn eyes only search, Rosy whom he loved dearly.
Tossing in some extra chips, he would serve her the finest fish,
yet for years never could he muster, courage to voice his only wish.

He dreams of walking along the shore, holding her slender hand,
and drawing their names, on sun-soaked golden sand, 
Everyday he sets her table, with finest napkins and flowers too,
but her heart seemed far-fetched, will he ever be able to woo?

One day arrived few rowdy blokes, gulping down cans of beer,
rich and crass, drunk and loud,  rupturing in chaotic sneer,
Rosy was relishing Tuna, when one of them sat next to her,
pulling her close by the waist, the petite girl could only whimper.

Furious Jim dashed across the room, jabbing the guy to the floor,
but as he ushered her out of door, a rogue bullet pierced his soul.

Jim was a young lanky lad, who once worked at local brasserie,
now he rests in silence, for a girl he held too dearly.
Most days Rosy walks alone, through lapping waves along the shore,
remembering the only man, whom she would love evermore.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I linger for a moment more,
and watch you burn me to the soul,
on these frozen shores of yore.

They say I am an irrevocable fool,
obsessed with a notion of love.
I only wonder who is more cruel?

What do they know of the pain that sears,
and this sound of my breaking heart,

Amidst the silence no one  hears.

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